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Emotional Focused Therapy - is "a treatment that helps clients identify, experience, accept, explore, interpret, transform, and flexibly manage their emotional intelligence and achieve greater well-being"

Leslie S. Greenberg

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  • In a nurturing and comfortable environment, I use techniques that are based in effective, scientifically proven methods, while keeping up with the latest advances in psychological research. 


    Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, I create a plan of action with each client to ensure that their specific needs are met and the most applicable services are obtained.  The process of therapy is aimed at providing clients with tools they can use to cope with strong emotional experiences, stressful situations, and difficult interpersonal problems; it is also important for personal development and growth.   

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    Counselling Benefits: 

    Clients come to counselling because they have experienced distressing and stressful experiences or situations that they would like to talk about in a safe setting with an objective person. These might include bereavement, separation, or other major life transitions. Some seek counselling to explore the general feeling that their lives are not quite right; others look to counselling to create meaning in their lives. Many people are attracted to counselling as an opportunity to undertake personal development in a safe and supportive environment.

    Seniors and Caregivers:

    In todays demographic, we have a higher percentage of seniors than ever before, and  statistics show that seniors are suffering from loneliness, depression, alcoholism, malnutrition, poverty and abuse.

    Additionally, their caregivers are stressed and in need of a safe place to talk and receive a little respite.  If you are a senior or caregiver, I am more than happy to be of service.

    Regardless of your situation, it is not necessary to have a problem to find counselling useful.